Friday, May 27th,was a day of celebration at Central Valley. Students, their families, teachers and others gathered together in the Shafter High cafeteria to honor students in two categories. After Mr. Brown welcomed all those in attendance, he turned the program over to the teachers who all had awards to hand out. Each student who received an award from a teacher also received a $10 gift card to Subway.

Mr. Johnson, English teacher: Most Improved: Kevin Rodriguez Garcia; Academic Achievement: Araceli Mendez, Joel McDowell (not present), Yarilin Lopez

Mr. Rubio, art teacher: Most Improved: Antonio Frausto; Academic Achievement: Tyana Garcia, Jacqueline Gonzales, Edwin Garcia

Ms. Wilson, science teacher: Most Improved: Roy Villagomez; Academic Achievement: Karlie Wood, Madison Ramirez, Aminy Ahmed

Mr. Keller, math teacher: Most Improved: Tristan Cain; Academic Achievement: Estefany Villasana (not present), Jacqueline Nazario, Leslie Martinez

Mr. Gutierrez, social studies teacher: Most Improved: Eric Jamie; Academic Achievement: Dakota Rockey, Michael McCaslin, Julian Rodriguez

Students who earned 25 credits for term three were also recognized. Each student stood and remained standing until all 44 students were standing. Students who earned all of their 25 credits last term are: Gabriel Avila Delgado, Ulises Cortes Tapia, Mariah Acosta, Aminy Ahmed, Karen Canchola, Jose Carranza Sanchez, David Carillo, Samantha Celedon, Daisy Chavez, Rodolfo Espinoza, Edwin Garcia, Yolima Garcia-Pelayo, Jonathan Llamas, Yarilin Lopez, Michael McCaslin, Joel McDowell, Andres Medina, Araceli Mendez, Jason Mendoza Gonzalez, Edy Montoya, Jacqueline Nazario Sanchez, Lynette Ramirez, Dakota Rockey, Julian Rodriguez, Kevin Rodriguez Garcia, Jennifer Saldivar, Eduardo Vasquez, Denise Villagomez, Estefany Villasana, Karlie Wood, Alejandra Zamora, Jesus Zamorano, Tristan Cain, Omar Calderon Gonzalez, Victor Garcia Pelayo, Giselle Mancera Fernandez, Leslie Martinez, Jesus Medina, Juan Nava, Madison Ramirez, Gustavo Trujillo, Fernando Vasquez, Roy Villagomez, and Nicholas Ybarra.

For the first time ever, a female and a male student were chosen to be a “Scorpion of the Year”. These two students were honored because of who they are and how they have represented themselves and their school. They were honored for their work ethic, their focus on school, and the way they conduct themselves both on and off campus. This year’s Scorpions of the Year were David Carrillo and Alejandra Zamora. Mr. Brown presented these two students with beautiful plaques. David and Alejandra also each received $25 Subway certificate.

2016 graduates were brought forward and honored as well. This year’s June graduates are: Tristan Cain, Victor Garcia Pelayo, Alejandro Ibarra, Eric Jaime, Leslie Martinez, Juan Nava, Victor Orihuela, Madison Ramirez, Alexis Richardson, Gustavo Trujillo, Fernando Vasquez, Roy Villagomez and Nicholas Ybarra.

Congratulations Class of 2016!! We are so very proud of you all!!