On Wednesday, April 6th, we honored our students and their parents with a hosted continental breakfast. Students were honored in three categories by each department. The outstanding students were:

Honored in English by Mr. Johnson – Academic Achievement: Juan Nava, Estefany Villasana, Aminy Ahmed ; Outstanding Achievement: Lynette Ramirez; Most Improved: Nick Ybarra

Honored in Fine Arts by Mr. Rubio – Academic Achievement: Yarilin Lopez, Dakota Rockey, Rodolfo Espinoza; Outstanding Achievement: Karen Canchola; Most Improved: Stephen Aguilera

Honored in Mathematics by Mr. Keller – Academic Achievement: Leslie Martinez, Daisy Chavez, Lynette Ramirez; Outstanding Achievement: Estephany Villasana; Most Improved: Mariah Acosta

Honored in Social Studies by Mr. Gutierrez – Academic Achievement: Madison Ramirez, Karlie Wood, Julian Rodriguez; Outstanding Achievement: Giselle Mancera; Most Improved: Jaqueline Nazario

Honored in Science by Ms. Wilson – Academic Achievement: Leslie Martinez, Victor Garcia Pelayo, Denise Villagomez; Outstanding Achievement: Aminy Ahmed; Most Improved: Araceli Mendez

Honored for earning straight A’s by Mr. Brown – Aminy Ahmed, Estefany Villasana, and Lynette Ramirez. These three young women will also receive special monogrammed Central Valley polo shirts.