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End of Year Awards 2018

     On Friday May 25th, 2018 Central Valley High School recognized top achiever's in academics and the R.I.M. program. Students received awards for specific acts of Respect, Integrity, and Motivation where teacher's explained why and how each student earned there recognition. Each teacher presented one award for Outstanding Achievement, three awards for Academic Acheivement, and one for Most Improved. Finally, Site Administrator Michael Akey presented Scorpion of the year Awards to two students who had good attendance and the highest G.P.A.s schoolwide, Olivia Ruiz and Nicolas Duarte. Many parents attended and all attendees were served full breakfast catered by Hodel's.
     Our goal at Central Valley is to continue to recognize student acheivement and encourage good behaviour to acheive student success and a positive school climate. We thank our staff, parents, and especially our students who we are all very proud of! Go Scorpions!

Mrs. Garcia (Science)

Nicolas Duarte for Outstanding Achievement

Vanessa Hernandez for Academic Achievement

Arlette Nevarez for Academic Achievement

Christopher Gomez for Academic Achievement

Ramon Velazco for Most Improved

Samuel Romo for Respect (RIM)

Brandon Cruz for Integrity (RIM)

Miguel Chavez for Motivation (RIM)


Mrs. Gonzales (Social Studies)

Jorge Cuevas for Outstanding Achievement

Karissa Aguilar for Academic Acheivement

Cruz Soltero for Academic Acheievement

Olivia Ruiz for Academic Acheivement

Nathan McCaslin for Most Improved

Fransisco Carmona for Respect (RIM)

Chris Garcia for Integrity (RIM)


Mr. Johnson (English)

Serenity Lopez for Outstanding Achievement

Nicholas Duarte for Academic Achievement

Mirka Durqan Mondragon for Academic Achievement

Miguel Garcia for Academic Achievement

Esequiel Perez Chavez for Most Improved

Christopher Gomez for Respect (RIM)

Jose Angel Mendez for Motivation (RIM)

Abelino Sanchez (Jr) for Integrity (RIM)


Mr. Keller (Math)

Nicolas Duarte for Outstanding Achievement

Lucero Jaime for Academic Acheivement

Genesis G. for Academic Acheievement

Andres Torres for Academic Acheivement

Giovanna Ramirez for Most Improved

Sarafin Obeso for Respect, Integrity,  and Motivation (RIM)


Mr. Rubio (Art)

Ryan Ruiz for Outstanding Achievement

Lucero Jaime for Academic Achievement

Jorge Cuevas for Academic Achievement

Odalis Torres for Academic Achievement

Julian Aldaco for Most Improved

Karissa Aguilar for Respect (RIM)

Miriam Avendano for Motivation (RIM)

Chris Garcia for Integrity (RIM)